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The Marina Bentota or Hotel Marina Bentota, newest property on the beach is located in the Paradise Island within which is the National Holiday Resort. It has one of the finest locations in the area being sandwiched in between the Indian Ocean and the Bentara River Lagoon. Spectacular Sunrises are guaranteed on most days of the year excepting during the monsoon period. The confluence where the river meets the Indian Ocean is not that far from the Hotel. The majestic looking bridge upon which runs the main Colombo - Galle Highway is clearly visible from the Hotel.

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Bentota being a well known place for Water Sports Activities takes pride in having this small luxury Hotel as it combines accommodation with Sports with its Water Sports Centre combines with modern equipment and the only Diving Pool in the island.
Select from an array of cuisines including Sri Lankan, Italian, Thai and Chinese dishes all available at the in-house restaurant.
Hot and cold water.